"Be Still For The Presence of The Lord"

The most popular new song in churches of all denominations over the last decade was "Be Still".

The writer, David Evans, commissioned Bob Cranham Productions to arrange and produce an album of his worship songs which, says David, "….were written to help me draw closer to the Lord".                                                  




Bob has a wealth of experience in working with Christian artists from all denominations and backgrounds. 

From Praise & Worship to rock & roll, from traditional choirs to new bands, from classic to contemporary, from local releases to national and international TV and radio Bob is  able to bring his unique blend of experience, sensitivity and style to any recording.

Bob will piece together the production package that best suits you and your music.
From an initial appraisal of your songs through to the finished master recording, Bob will take care of all the details leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best.