Archie Newton trio

Four people are enough for a trio especially if there's two of them  -  and who can argue with logic like that?  The Archie Newton Trio are Emma Newton and Claire Motler.  Together with Bob on co-writing, production and playing duties and Rachel Donaldson on various stringed instruments their debut EP, "This Is How Love Grows" made a big impact on both sides of the Atlantic.  A quirky blend of great songs, wonderful vocal harmonies and unusual instrumentation that is best described as Acousticana.

or check out their videos:

Music Video

Example Programme Steps

  1. After initial contact the artist sends through a demo of their material
  2. Bob gives an independent, professional overview of the potential
  3. A pre-production meeting is arranged to get to know the artist and to plan the project in more detail
  4. A recording/production schedule is planned (including the post-production strategy for promoting the artist) and a budget agreed
  5. Further pre-production meetings and rehearsals follow to ensure that the artist is totally prepared and comfortable before recording starts
  6. All aspects of the sessions are taken care of by Bob – from booking studio time, engineers and musicians to preparing any musical arrangements required and enabling the artist to deliver a performance that captures the unique essence of who they are.
  7. The artist receives a full set of mixed master tracks and backing tracks ready for the next stage – either marketing and promoting the recordings themselves or approaching established record, publishing or management companies.
  8. Ongoing advice and consultation is offered if needed.